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Technical data

current supply230V A.C., 50/60Hz
fuse3.15 AT
max. power250VA engine load
restarting barrier time1min10min
temperature starting barrier35°C / 95°Fvariable
installation distance of inductive devices (pump)at least 20"
warm water circulation (freshness control)10h6h
sensor device – 3/4"-type
sensor device – 1"-type
German registered design no.DPA-G 94 16 613.7
version/serial number8400X


Freshness control

The freshness control exchanges the water in the pipe during longer disuse. This avoids stale water.

Temperature starting barrier

The temperature starting barrier prevents the circulation pump from switching on as long as the pipe at the temperature sensor – caused by constant taking of warm water (even after the restarting barrier time) – still contains 35°C/95°F warm water. Typical situations: Someone fills water into a bath tub or several persons in a multi-family house take water at the same time.

Restarting barrier

The restarting barrier prevents the circulation pump from switching on again within the next minute, because within this period enough warm water is still in the pipe.