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The Heliomat T

Do you already use solar energy to heat up water or do you intend to use it?

The problem

Do you know the following problem: In the morning, after taking warm water, the stove starts to heat up the warm water tank again. Shouldn’t it wait until the sun shines and heats up the water – gratis?

The solution


Independent from time and temperature the Heliomat T steers the heating up of your hot water tank. Normally you heat up this in the evening with oil, gas, coal, etc. The hot water tank keeps the temperature until the next day. Caused by taking warm water the temperatur in the hot water tank drops. So the stove reheats, although a short time later the sun shines and heats up the tank gratis. The Heliomat T retards the morning reheating by the stove and enables the solar plates to do this. Only if the water temperature drops under an adjustable temperature level (e.g. 35°C/95°F) – maybe solar power isn’t available or it was taken very much warm water – the stove will reheat the hot water tank. If the adjusted temperature is reached again, the stove switches off in favour of the solar energy. With the timer function you are able to define the active time of the Heliomat T. The Heliomat T substantially optimizes the efficiency of your solar facility. It's easy to add it to existing heating installations.