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closing down 2021
Because of retirement I abandoned my business „Energieberatung & Solartechnik“ on December 31st, 2021. I say thank you to all customers and partners for long and faithful cooperation. If you have questions regarding Zirkomat, please call:
Alpha projekt GmbH
Görlitzer Straße 22
03046 Cottbus
phone: 0049/35726/50706

The new ZIRKOMAT-Vario

The new ZIRKOMAT-Vario

Leaflets with further information

General ZIRKOMAT functional principle

Remote controlled circulation pump

Aided by the patented and awarded ZIRKOMAT your tap becomes the remote control of the circulation pump. As of now the circulation pump acts in accordance with your need. Need-independent and expensive continuous operation or an operation in rigid time slots are a thing of the past.

water circulation with ZIRKOMAT

Simple installation

You have to install the ZIRKOMAT in your heating room. The stream sensor (1) has to be placed close to the hot water tank (6) into the warm water pipe, the temperature sensor (3) has to be placed on the circulation pipe and the control device (2) like a timer between socket and pump connection plug. There are no further assembly works in the house!

Functional principle

Turn the hot water tap (4) quickly on and off. The stream sensor (1) recognizes this impulse and the control device (2) switches the circulation pump (5) on. The (cold) water column between hot water tank (6) and hot water tap (4) is pumped into the circulation pipe. On the hot water tap you can take hot water without loss of energy and without loss of water.


Ingenious, pollution free and cost-saving

The ZIRKOMAT enables an economical, consumption-dependent operation of the warm water circulation without comfort restriction. The ZIRKOMAT helps you to save water, money and energy because:

Self-learning ZIRKOMAT

How does the ZIRKOMAT „know“ the distance between the hot water tank and the highest hot water tap from? At the first operation the temperature sensor at the circulation pipe measures the time of one period of revolution. The integrated computer divides the measured time by two. In future the warm water will not pumped through the whole cycle (the way there + circulation pipe), but only up to the highest tap. So losses of warmth and current consumption are minimized. You find more information in the technical data.

Disadvantages of the conventional warm-water supply

1. case: no circulation pump

After turning on the hot water tap you must let much water run off before you can take warm water. A circulation pump helps, but only if a circulation pipe was installed. This condition is mostly met.

without ZIRKOMAT

2. case: circulation pump in continuous operation

In this case the water is nonstop in motion – independent from turning on a hot water tap or not. Around the clock the water is pumped from the hot water tank to the hot water tap and back to the hot water tank again. Advantage: You can always take immediately warm water to each day and nighttime. Disadvantage: You consume energy to each day and nighttime: loss of current and warmth.

3. case: circulating pump with timer

In the third case the circulation pump is combined with a timer. Within the active time the circulating pump is in continuous operation (like case 2), in the passive time you are not able to get warm water immediately (like case 1).